Kiran Kaur Saini

Kiran Kaur Saini

Greetings and Welcome!

You’ve reached KirSphere, my little home on the internet, and Lagniappe for Writers and Artists: the blog about the extras that facilitate creative life.

I’m Kiran, a writer living in Los Angeles, California, with my cat, Simon.

Lagniappe is a term I learned living in Lafayette, Louisiana. It’s Cajun for “something extra,” and originally referred to a little something a merchant might throw in with your purchase as a bonus, like a 13th doughnut.

I’m a writer, but there’s so much more to being able to live a life purposed toward creative work than doing the work itself. It’s so awesome that there are so many blogs about how to write, how to publish, how to draw, paint, how to make whatever, and I wanted to write about everything else that brings all that within reach, the lagniappe to our creative lives.

So here, I explore all those extra things that make our creative lives possible: good living, good eating, organization and productivity, self-determination, being a peaceful warrior, picking the best eggs at the supermaket, and cats.

I look forward to both sharing what I discover and hearing back from you what’s in your amazing mind.

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Kiran and Simon

Kiran and Simon

Born in Napa, California but raised in Pennsylvania, Kiran received her BA from Smith College, her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, and her PhD from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she taught Creative Writing.
Kiran’s short stories have appeared in journals such as Glimmer Train, Pleiades, and Chelsea Magazine. A recipient of a Pushcart Prize nomination and a winner of the Henfield Prize for Fiction, Kiran has received awards from the North Carolina Arts Council, the Headlands Center for the Arts, and the Djerassi Artists’ Residence Program. She was a semi-finalist for the Chesterfield Film Writers’ Competition, and a film she wrote, “The Lesson,” won best feature at the Miami International Women’s Film Festival.
Kiran is currently revising the novel Skin Read and authoring this blog, Lagniappe for Writers and Artists.