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Ink Shelf

Ink Tower: Visit My Writing Space

This week I was going to talk about cooking and recipes with nurturing, nutrient-dense food, but instead, I’m posting about another source of nourishment: the space to create. Today I’m going to take you into my writing space and show you where I work and also some cool organizational tools I’ve discovered to make a limited space pack more punch.…

To Do Books

Plan the Day Part 2 – From List to Action

When Am I Going To Do This? From List to Action: Scheduling Out a Day In Part 1 of this post, I talked about repurposing the To Do List to represent Soul Work as well as The Grind. Now I want to talk about how to make it happen. In my day job, we have a saying, “Block, Light, Rehearse,…

To Do Books

Plan the Day Part 1 – Pay Yourself First

What’s on Your Plate? The Dreaded To Do List! This is Part 1 of a 2-part post, with the details of the planning process in┬áPart 2, “Herd, Weed, Block, Shoot.” I got a fun comment mid-week on my Instagram teaser photo for this post. It was a picture of my day’s To Do List, half way through the day. Most…