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To Do Books

Plan the Day Part 2 – From List to Action

When Am I Going To Do This? From List to Action: Scheduling Out a Day In Part 1 of this post, I talked about repurposing the To Do List to represent Soul Work as well as The Grind. Now I want to talk about how to make it happen. In my day job, we have a saying, “Block, Light, Rehearse,…

To Do Books

Plan the Day Part 1 – Pay Yourself First

What’s on Your Plate? The Dreaded To Do List! This is Part 1 of a 2-part post, with the details of the planning process in┬áPart 2, “Herd, Weed, Block, Shoot.” I got a fun comment mid-week on my Instagram teaser photo for this post. It was a picture of my day’s To Do List, half way through the day. Most…

Journals: the march of time

The Journal: Vehicle to the Past or Future?

I started keeping a journal at about age 12-13. I began numbering them in college, retroactively assigning early journals negative numbers, so that time stretched backward and forward from the zero of freshman year. By now, they number in the 50s, the current journal being LIII (because journals should be counted in Roman numerals, of course.) Growing up, my journals…