Hobart Tower: Plein Air in Vernon, California

Hobart Tower

Finding a subject by geolocating

Last month, I was shooting on location, and on the drive back from the hotel, the freeway backed up and Waze took me off the interstate and put me on some backroads. I got fascinated with the industrial landscape I was driving though, and as I passed a giant bunch of railroad tracks, I saw this cute little building. “Wouldn’t that be fun to paint!” I thought. I got to the end of the block and realized, “You should go back and take a picture of it.” So I turned my car around.

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Ink Tower: Visit My Writing Space

Ink Shelf

Today I’m going to take you into my writing space and show you where I work and also some cool organizational tools I’ve discovered to make a limited space pack more punch. I don’t have an extra room for an office, so I’ve dedicated the part of my kitchen that any normal person would make the breakfast area to my writing. I call it the Study Nook. Let’s take a little tour.

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Painting in the Small Pane: A Different Kind of Window to Creativity

Window into Indonesia

I’d like to share with you a couple of photos of the work of Joe Cibere. Joe is a watercolor artist relatively local to me here in the greater Los Angeles area, and he sometimes gives workshops at Valley Watercolor Society, where I’ve been a member for the past several years. He is incredibly generous and encouraging as a teacher, and his lessons come back to me in surprising ways years after each workshop. Continue reading “Painting in the Small Pane: A Different Kind of Window to Creativity”