Ink Tower: Visit My Writing Space

Today I’m going to take you into my writing space and show you where I work and also some cool organizational tools I’ve discovered to make a limited space pack more punch. I don’t have an extra room for an office, so I’ve dedicated the part of my kitchen that any normal person would make the breakfast area to my writing. I call it the Study Nook. Let’s take a little tour.

Here is my writing area:

Kiran's writing desk
Workspace: a place for dreams and hard work

Over time, it’s become just about the best space I’ve ever had for writing, even better than the separate offices I’ve had, though they had more space for work-related items. I think it’s because I’ve had to make careful choices about what can be in the space, so I’ve curated only the things that are the most important to me.

Speaking of which, you may have noticed that my writing space is also my cat’s door. It’s always a heart-stopping terror welcome surprise when he leaps up from the ground outside and bursts in onto my desk. Never mind the wet fountain pen ink on the bottoms of his paws.

Simon on his perch
This is Simon on his perch outside the Study Nook.
Ink Corner
Ink Corner: Click on this or any pic to enlarge.

I especially like my Ink Corner, which has two different shelf styles that hold all my favorite and frequently-used fountain pen inks close at hand and where I can gaze at them all day.

Check out the INK TOWER on the left side of the Ink Corner. I used to keep my inks stacked in a wooden wine bottle box, and when the one I had for years wore out and I couldn’t find a replacement, this is what I thought of next.

Ink Tower
Ink Tower!!!!!

I live in Los Angeles, and local friends have advised me that the tower approach for glass bottle of fountain pen ink is an unwise setup in earthquake territory, but I just love it so much, I haven’t made any adjustments yet. If you try this at home and you live on a fault line, two options I thought of were sticky tack underneath the bottles, and installing some kind of a rail around the bottles on each shelf, like maybe a rubber bandy thing that goes around the back of the unit.

On the top shelf of the Ink Tower I keep 2 wooden cups of fountain pens: Lamy Safaris and Al-Stars not currently in use. My every day Lamys and currently inked “posh pens” are in the cups and pouches on the desk, ready to use throw into my knapsack to go out.

Red Ink Shelves
Click to enlarge.

The red shelves hold all my Ink Drop samples from over the years in cigar boxes, and the “posh” pens not currently in use. Sadly, this program from Goulet Pens is discontinued as of April 2016, which is kind of a relief to me, since I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, but I still really miss it.

The other side of the study nook has a plush rocking chair for ruminative journal writing and gazing outside, and behind it, the shelves with all my sketchbooks and journals.

On the other side of the Nook are all my sketchbooks and journals.

I’ve been keeping journals since I was about 14, and I have over 50 of them. I love sitting in the rocking chair in the morning gazing out into the neighbor’s yard, with Simon passing to and fro as he goes about his own routine.

Kitchen View
The view from the rocking chair out the kitchen door.

Now let’s just take a quick turn around to the other side of the room:

The kitchen
The view from my writing desk.

It’s the kitchen! I have really happy associations with the kitchen, so it makes for a comforting writing atmosphere. Here it is from the other side of the Nook:

Control Center
The control center for the house: the Study Nook Counter.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little spin through my work space. Leave me a comment and share your thoughts.

If you have a cool way that you’ve set up your work space, send me a tweet or post on Instagram and tag me @KirSphere.


In the mean time, here are some links (some affiliate, some not) to the organizational tools I love in my space:

  • The bulletin bar rail that holds up my charts and papers. It’s so much sleeker looking than a corkboard.
  • My Mr. Coffee mug warmer – I can’t do with out this. I used to unplug it and move it around the house, but I finally bought a second one for the rest of the house and keep this one where I use it every single day.
  • Phone mount.
    I bought this as an extra for my car, but once I figured out I could use it here, it never made it out there!

    One of the coolest things I’ve added lately is this magnet thingy that holds up my phone. I just hold it on with a binder clip (taking off one of the spring handles and storing it nearby so it’s not in the way)


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