Kiran Kaur Saini

writes fiction, plays, and films.

About this image:

Turi Beach Jetty

A few years ago I was working on a movie in Indonesia. What began as a scheduled 9-day shoot in November crept into extra weeks and then extra months. Over Christmas there was a mix-up and I wound up alone on a small island in a hotel for several weeks, separated from friends, family, or other members of the film production. I was injured and all I could really do was sleep, eat, and sit on my balcony looking out to this jetty, watching the water move and the weather change. Trapped without transportation, money, or health, everything stopped. Hours passed, then days, and as I sat looking out over the South China Sea, my mind finally ran away with me and I started writing. Since then I’ve kept this image as a talisman for the mystery and imagination that lead to story.