A red-haired woman holding a grey and white cat.
Kiran and Vivaldi



Awards and Nominations

Grant Support

  • Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholar (Clarion West)
  • United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County
  • Speculative Literature Foundation
  • North Carolina Arts Council

Artist’s Residency Fellowships

  • Blue Mountain Center
  • Wildacres
  • Djerassi Resident Artists Program
  • Headlands Center for the Arts

Random Reader Comments

"Saini can write." --Don Frisch, Grand Rapids Press "So fucking strange, but oddly relatable." --James McEwen "Wow! Where did THIS come from?" --Tim Ackerly "Chillingly beautiful. I held my breath reading it." --Sylvia Crosbie "Sheesh!" --Stuart LeBlanc  So fucking strange, but oddly relatable. I held my breath reading it. Wow! Where did this come from? Chillingly beautiful. Sheesh!